Buzz is marketing firm that develops innovative marketing strategies and broaden developmental strategies for our clients in various geographic locations. We specialize in brand development and market share management in the 'Biggest Little City', Reno Nevada. We aim to find opportunities for growth on behalf of our Fortune 500 clients, and secure the expansion in emerging markets. 

We have found: 13 companies that have appeared on Fortune’s annual "100 Best Companies to Work For" list every year also see higher average annual returns, with cumulative returns as high as 495% instead of 170% (Russel 3000) and 156% (S&P 500). (Source



We oversee the entire marketing campaign and deliver guaranteed results. This includes the execution of various experiential events, creating the emotion that our clients want their targeted demographics to experience. With our vast experience in the industry, we implement the most efficient and innovative ways to reach and cater to each target market and guarantee results for our clients.

We are set on diminishing misconceptions associated with the marketing industry. We develop uniquely exciting and engaging campaigns for our clients, all of which are products of our innovative team members. 

Millennials have grown in an era of rapid growth in all industries and sectors, teaching them how to adapt quickly to a world that is ever changing, especially in the way businesses interact with their targeted demographic. We are constantly developing and adjusting our campaigns to meet the needs of both the client and their targeted customer. 

Our company focuses on developing and training all who are brought on to each campaign. The training and development is tailored to each individual, allowing one-on-one teaching/learning moments. 

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